Art Déco – Timeless & Elegant


Art Deco Macassar Side Table, Austria – ca. 1920

The Art Déco period extended between the 20s and 40s of the last century and distinguishes itself by curved forms which were lightened up by geometrical and cubist elements. Inlay works and suitable designs refine the optics and form a dreamlike addition to your residential dreams.

The wonderful Art Déco items offered by Masterpiece Antiques are perfect restored historical gems which are – on its account of diversity – well able to combine with any kind of interior style and let your living dreams come true. Most of the restored Art Deco items have their origin in the famous Austrian workshops where the creations with straight forms attracted big attention in the beginning of the 20th century.

By following a strict procedure in selecting all items, Masterpiece Antiques remains faithful their philosophy and offer customers exclusively precision and stylistic confidence down to the smallest detail.

Classsical Beauty

Art Déco has no unambiguously relatable stylistic features like classical styles as for example Art Nouveau. Art Déco rather shows the awakening of the classical modern age. The connection of elegance, the preciousness of materials, the strength of colors and the sensuality of the theme were in the forefront. The name speaks for itself and clearly focuses on decorative design intentions. Flat depictions of organic and flower motives were typical for this period. Partially similar to Art Nouveau, the superfluous was seen as the necessary.

Also other functionalist art movements were developed at the same time all over Europe: like the Esprit Nouveau in France, De Stijl in Holland or the Bauhaus style in Germany. On this occasion, there were quite interactions between the different styles, indeed, but basically they were classified as a countermovement.


Place Accents

With Art Déco or Art Nouveau pieces impressive accents can be easily set for everyones taste and
in addition they bring style and unique ambience to your living spaces.

For example the charm of a  IMG_0946unique chest of drawers, an unusual table, a beautiful mirror, a pair of nice designed chairs, a  or other style elements fulfil the space with the passion and precision of the last century.

Influenced by a big variety as well as the search for orientation, this period has been dominated by a big change.


Stylish Confident Investment

Fine antique furniture elaborately restored by Masterpiece Antiques – according to highest standards – are not only a revelation for your eye and your soul. More often these gems are used as a solid investment, for a good reason: the engaged capital beautifies your livingroom over years, and in the meanwhile its value rises – an absolute worthwhile consideration in unsafe times! Whats more, the number of high quality antiques is very limited (wether it is furniture or accessories like ceramics) because they are not produced any more. That will promise a good chance on attractive returns for well restored, fine antique pieces.


Pomp and Circumstance

The steadfast faith in the technical progress was immanent and this spirit of optimism spread to the arts. This expression of joy and enthusiasm influenced the style of the early 20th century.

Art Déco pieces experience a big renaissance at the moment and enjoy an increasing popularity – according to this they are precious. IMG_0635Most certainly you should also not forget to check the condition of the object of your desire. (simply ask for more detailed pictures if you want to purchase online) At best an expert is consulted to control whether an original piece of furniture (at least 97% from the old stock should have survived) was used, as well as a professional restorer performed on the costly restoration. To refine antiques in a tasteful and stylistically faultless way is a great art, which the customers discover at Masterpiece Antiques.

A team of well-chosen experts pays highest attention to every little detail around to preserve these previously mentioned, so important aspects. The pure character should be preserved to underline the unique charm of each antique item as well as to receive its value.

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