Biedermeier Era Antique Furniture

Biedermeier furniture is functional, frequently blond, curvy and beautiful. It is pleasingly modern to our eyes but was never a singular design movement. Biedermeier furniture originally appeared in Austria and Germany at the conclusion of the bloody Napoleonic Wars, around 1815. Unlike overly stylized and stiff furniture made in other parts of Europe at the time, Biedermeier furniture was designed to accommodate the human form. Furnishings clearly designed for common daily activities such as writing or sewing abound. Furniture buyers sought the Wohninsel, or the home as the family’s living island. Early Biedermeier furnishings don’t take inspiration from the grandeur of Italian or French designs. Austrian craftsmen used local timber to reduce costs. Generous couches and chairs, tables, cabinets and chests invite owners to use and enjoy them. The Biedermeier theme … Continue reading